• Consists of twenty (20) members appointed to three-year terms by the Governor. Fifteen (15) members are voting and five (5) members are non-voting and do not receive a salary;
  • Are responsible for approving and reviewing grantmaking policies, procedures, and funding proposals submitted to the Corporation for National and Community Service;
  • Advise and participate in the work of Serve Guam Commission including policy, communication and program decision making, and special initiatives, by attending meetings and participating on committees, working groups, and task forces;
  • Participate in the development of the triennial “Serve Guam Commission Strategic Plan”.


The following are the Serve Guam Commissioners and their respective committees as follows:

Peter Barcinas
SGC Board Chairperson/ Finance Committee Chairperson


Margrit Atalig
SGC Board Vice Chairperson/ Disability Committee Co-Vice Chairperson


Viola Cruz
Finance Committee Co-Vice Chairperson/ SGC Certifying Officer


Mayor Jessy Gogue
Finance Committee Member/ Technology Committee Member


Frank Lujan
Technology Committee Co-Chairperson


Femi Bajomo
Technology Committee Co-Vice Chairperson


Gerard Limtiaco
Technology Committee Member


Frank Scharff
Program Management Co-Chairperson/ Disability Committee Member


Cynthia Toves
Program Management Co-Vice Chairperson


Candice Ananich
Program Management Member


Jessica Lizama
Program Management Member


Annie Makepeace
Program Management Member


Julie Ulloa-Heath
Program Management Member


Peggy Denney
Marketing & Outreach Committee Co-Chairperson


Dr. Carmen Garrido
Youth Committee Co-Chairperson/ Marketing & Outreach Committee Co-Vice Chairperson


Mayor Melissa Savares
Marketing & Outreach Committee Member


Alicia Aguon
Marketing & Outreach Committee Member


Laura Gombar
Youth Committee Member


JoAnnalyn Fullerton
Disability Committee Member


Arthur San Agustin
Disability Committee Member